About ACD

About ACD

Hi, I’m Phocian, and I created AmericanCivilDebate.com with a simple hope to bring Americans closer together! Unfortunately, because of the rising censorship on most social media channels, the conversation that leads to that unity has been stifled. And yet, that conversation is one that we really need to have. After all, a society that can’t talk without raising its voice is really just a society going in circles.

We are a platform that is both political and non-political. This is where everyone can come and discuss things in an attempt to make our country better. At this platform, we can assure you that we will do our best to protect your right to free speech (the 1st Amendment) and permit you to your right of privacy.

Your information is not sold to any third parties and, in fact, is not released to anyone unless a court orders us to do so. We hold the most supreme honor toward the Constitution and the nation’s laws, just as the Founding Fathers intended and the courts have interpreted.

We request only to have no threats of any kind made against others, no dangerous or violent talk, no human or child trafficking, and no child pornography. I am astounded that I have to say this, but in the world we live in today, I feel I must. 

At AmericanCivilDebate.com, we don’t fact check what you say, and we certainly do not ban anyone for saying it. We believe you’re still responsible for the truth, but what’s truth? We must admit: it’s become quite the concept to unpack.

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